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Warning: Brianstorning May Lead to Greatness!

"Maybe it's time to get a job?" they ask.  Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it isn't.  After deciding that I wanted my own income and more independence, and after either being in school, caring for our family and sanctuary for 13 years and/or having a business that eventually closed,  I decided that I needed a change. First step was the huge decision, because it means a huge chunk of time away from my family and home. The next step was getting help to update my resume. Then, the job search. But, after 3 months of steps 2 and 3 and dozens of resumes including signing up with a local job placement company, the results were discouraging. No interviews. Nothing. Then, on a regular visit to my friend's awesome spa (Bliss day Spa in Trenton) and some great conversation with my friend, Tina, a suggestion snowballed in my head.  "What about cleaning?" At first, it was "meh, I don't know..." but then it started to feel different. Why