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Warning: Brianstorning May Lead to Greatness!

"Maybe it's time to get a job?" they ask. 

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it isn't. 

After deciding that I wanted my own income and more independence, and after either being in school, caring for our family and sanctuary for 13 years and/or having a business that eventually closed,  I decided that I needed a change.

First step was the huge decision, because it means a huge chunk of time away from my family and home. The next step was getting help to update my resume.

Then, the job search. But, after 3 months of steps 2 and 3 and dozens of resumes including signing up with a local job placement company, the results were discouraging. No interviews. Nothing.

Then, on a regular visit to my friend's awesome spa (Bliss day Spa in Trenton) and some great conversation with my friend, Tina, a suggestion snowballed in my head. 

"What about cleaning?"

At first, it was "meh, I don't know..." but then it started to feel different. Why NOT cleaning? My mom and dad's mother both cleaned for years and I could make it fit my schedule. I live in a central location between Trenton and Belleville,  I have helped my mom in the past and I even have experience cleaning  in a business setting. 

Smaller retail stores, such as Northern Reflections, don't hire someone to clean their stores. They only hire window cleaners and leave the rest up to their staff. Bathrooms, staff-only areas, fridge, retail area and floors. 

Why hadn't I thought of this before??

So it begins... the research, web page planning, a name, and other decisions, like how I will be unique.

Any tips on what you like best about your own cleaner? Or from your own cleaning business? I love a good brainstorming-collaboration session! Shoot me an email at  
Watch out for the upcoming Facebook page &/or join my Facebook group, VeganKim's Minimalization and Organization Idea Share (soon to be renamed to Mindfully Clean, with Kim).

Be Blessed,

NOTE: First published on my blog, October 2018


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